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Agricultural Management System


AgroCount is an agricultural management system.
Quickly and easily record operations, calculate resources that are used, prepare the desired reports. By using AgroCount, planning of the new year becomes simpler.


Benefit For You

  • We will facilitate planning and management of operations
  • We will facilitate accounting of the consumption of resources and calculate the necessary amount of supplies
  • We will plan and record all the works at the farm
  • We will calculate the cost of the production grown at each field and see its profitability
  • We will prepare reports necessary for the controlling bodies

What Are We Capable Of?

Anywhere and anytime

AgroCount can be used with all the equipment that has internet access. It does not matter whether it is a computer, tablet or phone.

The recipe for a good tool

All the data is stored securely on reliable servers and is continuously backed up.

The way you need it

We always pay attention to customer needs and try to meet them. We want to grow a product that you like

Something new

Maps are not just a graphical representation of fields. This is a new-generation user interface which will help you use the system quickly and easily.

Joint farm
If your farm is integrated

If you work with someone else and need to separate the data, AgroCount is what you need. Keep a record of all the works together or separately. A single login is for everything and at a single location.

For your convenience

Our consultants are always ready to help you and answer all of your questions.

System Modules


It is a farm field registry. Here you can find all the information, register works done at the field, and the field cost will be calculated automatically.

Works at the Fields

This module is for storing the information about the field works. You can choose from sowing works, land works, supervision works and harvesting. You can easily prepare a work plan for the mechanics; see the results of the input, and the status of the works done in real time.


This module is for storing quantities of chemicals, fertilizers and seeds. You can also see what resources are used in what works and how much is used.


Register the farm expenses and the cost of the field harvest will be more accurate.


Accounting registers of fertilizers and plant protection products are generated automatically.


This is a special module for a universal generation of the desired reports. There are no definite limits and you can generate anything you need.


Sukurtas „AgroCount“ pagalbos modulis

Siekdami pagerinti grįžtamojo ryšio gavimą iš vartotojų bei atsiradus poreikiui padėti, sukūrėme ūkio valdymo sistemos pagalbos modulį. Šis žemės ūkio valdymo sistemos patobulinimas, suteiks galimybę naudotojams susisiekti su „AgroCount“ administratoriais Jums rūpimais klausimais tiesiai iš „AgroCount“ sistemos.

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Mes atsinaujinome: naujas „AgroCount“ žemės ūkio valdymo sistemos dizainas!

Rugsėjo 25 d. atnaujinome „AgroCount“ žemės ūkio valdymo sistemos dizainą. Pakeitėme spalvų paletę, atnaujinome formas, patobulinome žemėlapį. Formas ir kitus elementus padarėme interaktyvius.

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Patobulinti derliau nuėmimo darbai

Ruduo – derliaus nuėmimo ir neatidėliotinų, intensyvių darbų metas žemdirbiams, kurie skuba kuo palankesnėmis oro sąlygomis ir greičiau nuimti derlių. Norint padėti ūkininkams efektyviau valdyti ūkio apskaitą, žemės ūkio valdymo sistemoje „AgroCount“ darbų valdymo modulyje patobulinome derliaus nuėmimo funkcionalumą:

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Nr. 1

€300 / year

  • VAT excluded
  • 1 user
  • 1 internal farm
  • 3 hours of training
  • Free consultations
  • 30-day money-back
  • Users of 2 levels
  • Up to 2 additional users
  • Additional user €96/year

Nr. 2

€800 / year

  • VAT excluded
  • 8 users
  • 3 vidiniai ūkiai
  • Up to 6 hours of training
  • Free consultations
  • 30-day money-back
  • Users of 2 levels
  • Free data entry

Nr. 3

€1250 / year

  • VAT excluded
  • Unlimited number of users
  • 5 internal farms
  • Up to 10 hours of training
  • Free consultations
  • 30-day money-back
  • Users of 2 levels
  • Free data entry
  • Additional farm €250/year

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